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✍️GraphQL Variables and Persisted Queries

This is a brief commentary for the awesome Ladybug podcast . Hi! This is swyx, I work on Developer Experience at Netlify and recently wrote an article on the common trends behind Design… Read →

✍️Keyboard First

I enjoyed listening to Des and Paul's discussion of keyboard-first apps on their podcast today . They discussed the rise of the cmd+K UI paradigm in apps like:… Read →

✍️Compilers Copout

Today I dropped out of the Compilers course I accidentally registered myself for. I'm not proud of it but there's too much I want to do and I know I'm just going to do a shit job at… Read →

📺Introduction to TypeScript

Twitter Comments From Leslie From Me Basic Questions What is TypeScript? Officially: "JavaScript that scales™". A typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. Constraints… Watch →

✍️Book Poll 2019

I've been feeling like I've skewed too much on empty calories recently. So I ran this poll : Number of books you’ve read in the past year (fiction and non fiction): Of 962 respondents, 2… Read →

✍️JAMstack for Indie Hackers

You can make money with the JAMstack or on the JAMstack. I have spent the last year at Netlify, working at the heart of the JAMstack ecosystem, and when Derrick Reimer reached out to… Read →

✍️Netlify Year One - 360 Review

I thought I would write a quick coda to my Netlify Year One Recap. That post was entirely me looking back at myself. It's helpful to see what others said about me at my review. What I've… Read →

✍️The Case for the React Native Web Singularity

Bottom line up front: There is a possible "React Native Web Singularity", when it starts being a better standalone choice for developing for the mobile web than react-dom . If this… Read →

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